Procrastination! It’s just the way we feel

Procrastination! It's just the way we feel

This quote is attributed to both Charles Dickens and Edward Young, which I know because I googled it, along with lyrics from Alphabeat’s ‘Fascination’ (I really shouldn’t have needed to check that) in order to avoid writing my essay. It’s a funny state of mind, knowing that there’s something you really need to do, and pretty soon, but just pushing it right out of your mind like an unwanted child from its pram. I like to think it’s my fundamental antipathy towards authority – I don’t wanna be told what to do when, like totally fuck the system yeh.

More realistically it’s just because I’m undisciplined and weak and terrified that I might not be as capable as I think I am. But enough of that, people can change right? RIGHT?