Minneapolis Sniff Adventures

Absolutely beautifully written; how I would love to sound in my few moments of non-flippancy.


For the first time in my life I moved to a place where I knew no one. Minneapolis. Before this I spent twenty-four years sprouting through the cold soil of eastern North Dakota. Then after college I ventured west to join my sister in Portland for six months. It was lonely but at least I had her. Through the between times I ricocheted around this beautiful country in various states of travel and permanence. In the end I tumbled back to the Midwest to be closer to home.

After life in a big city I knew rural North Dakota was no longer an option. I found a Minneapolis apartment off Craigslist and stamped my paw print to its lease. Things were gathered from home and I hugged my dad goodbye. I locked my slimeball mother in a window well with snake powder and toad sealant. Then I departed for the…

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